Freight Broker Software

TLS freight broker software

Our web-based Freight Broker software can help you manage your business.

You need to provide quality service to your customers and you need freight broker software to help you do this efficiently and professionally. The TLS Freight Broker software can help you do that in many ways.

The system is designed to be tailored to your needs, making it easy to use. It is a web-based freight broker software solution which makes it even easier to use, keeping any training costs down. Use features like the carrier search to find carriers costs from your own history, or from their rates. Choosing the best carrier for the load is easier when they are ranked for you. Additionally, use our built-in EDI to communicate with your customers seamlessly, saving you any extra work at all!

Document management is also built into the system to streamline your paperwork, allowing you to email your invoices to your customers, including the backup paperwork that customer wants. How much time and money will that save you?


Can your freight broker software solution help me be more productive every day?

Most definitely! The TLS Freight Broker software comes complete with many ways to automate your day so you have time to do what’s important. The broker system will automate rating, discounting, fuel surcharges, accessorial charges, posting loads to the internet, checking FMCSA information on carriers, emailing rate confirmation letters to carriers, setting up carrier pay, indexing documents, letting you know when a rate confirmation is returned, mileage and toll calculations, EDI, notifications to you and your customers and emailing invoices. Did we miss anything? So much is done for you, giving you the time to plan for a more profitable day!


You also need freight brokerage software that will help you satisfy your customers.

The TLS trucking brokerage software solution also provides you with the tools needed to build stronger customer relationships. We provide you several ways to invoice your customers. You can also subscribe them to notifications in the system, so they are updated on their freight as soon as you are. Additionally, you can provide them web portal access to do things like – trace their shipments, view/print POD’s, request rate quotes, enter orders and print BOL’s for those orders.


The TLS Freight Broker software can help you communicate with your carrier partners.

You also need to build stronger carrier partner relationships. The TLS Freight Broker software can help you communicate to your carrier partners through automated emails, sending EDI to your carriers and receiving EDI from your carrier partners. Additionally, with the Carrier Web Portal option, you can allow your carriers to see loads you are asking them to take. They can accept/decline online. They can also update the order as it progresses and let you know when the order is delivered, all in real time. Furthermore, they can see your Open Load Board and select orders they want to take.

Do you have agents? If so, link them into your system with our Agent Web Portal giving them access to what you want them to see. They can enter their orders for their customers, dispatch their drivers and update orders through to delivery. Increase collaboration to the level you need and build a stronger network using our powerful freight brokerage software!


Did we not mention something you are looking for in our freight broker software? Let us know and we will get back to you with more specifics on your needs.


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