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TLS intermodal software

Web based Intermodal software solutions to help manage your business.

The TLS web based intermodal software solution offers you many ways to reduce costs, increase productivity and build stronger customer relationships. Many features are built directly into the application to provide you with what you need to be successful.

Our intermodal dispatch software allows you to see all of the loads to be moved along with where your drivers are. Use the split screen in dispatch to see moves coming into and out of the same location. The calculation of when the equipment needs to be out of the rail/port and its last free day is done for you. You can also use the EDI features of our intermodal trucking software to send and receive information from your customer’s. All of this happens automatically so no additional time is required from your order entry people, or dispatchers. Would you like your rail tracing and grounding notifications to be automated for you? That can be done for you as well.

As for your drivers, let the TLS Transformation intermodal trucking software send rail billing ahead of the drivers to make their rail/port stops as quickly as they can keeping them more productive and happy driving for you. Additionally, provide them with the information they need using the mobile device Tailored Mobile driver solution. You can also settle your drivers quickly and easily. Setup their pay structure, whether it is simple or complex, and let our intermodal software solution calculate the drivers pay for you.


You want your intermodal trucking software to help you be more productive.

Your transportation software needs to do more than just help you. It needs to keep your customer’s up to date on their freight. This can be done through automatic customer notifications, so they will know the status of their freight when you do. Or, give them web portal access to do things like – trace their shipments, view/email/print POD’s, request rate quotes and let you know when returns are ready. Or give them access to information through the use of API’s.

Use the built in document management to reduce paper handling and its costs. To help even further, you can implement the Tailored Mobile driver solution to eliminate back office paper handling altogether. (not to mention making your dispatch office much quieter!)

Streamline your billing procedures by using the automatic rating, discounting, fuel surcharges and accessorial charges. Also, email your customer’s their invoices with their backup documents reducing your invoicing time and costs. Or send the invoices via EDI, again, completely automated.

Let our intermodal trucking software go to work for you!


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