Being mobile in trucking

We live in a mobile world. That’s not a shock is it? What is shocking is that some people use applications that are NOT mobile.

My Business 2-1

In order to be mobile, you need an application that was born on the web and developed to be mobile. This means you can run the application on a host of hardware options. A PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, iPad, Netbook, Chromebook, Notebook, smart phone or iPhone. Take your pick! Mix and match! All you need is a device and an Internet connection!

This can be helpful with your own staff to make sure they can connect to the application with whatever device they have with them. They should be able to look up anything they can from their desks; dispatch, enter an order, whatever needs to be done to service the customer.

But this is not only for you – it’s for your customer’s also! By using a Customer Portal, your customer can access the information they want, at any time, from any of the devices above! So now when they ask you if they can get a rate quote on their iPad, you just say Yes! Or if they want to trace their shipments on a Chromebook, you just say Yes!

Tailored MobileYour drivers can also be more productive by using a truck driver mobile application. It too should run on many different devices and allows drivers to see their assigned work and reply with information and documents.

The world is now mobile … make sure you have the tools to use it to your advantage!

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