LTL software driver app

Use the LTL software driver app to provide better service.

The TLS LTL Software driver app can help your drivers stay on track with their deliveries and pickups. This simple, but powerful application can be setup to provide your drivers the features listed below. With Tailored Mobile LTL connected to the TLS Transformation Trucking Software, your drivers will be updating dispatch with how the days route is going. Additionally, they can upload documents to the system so routing of freight and billing can start before they get back to the dock! Of course, the application also shows your customers that you are up to date with technology! 


Use the LTL driver appLTL software driver app to:

  • let your drivers see their assigned route for the day
  • notify the system when they have arrived at a location, when the loading/unloading started and when they are finished at that location
  • let the bar code scanner read your pro stickers for you
  • enter information on a stop – pieces, pallets, weight, BOL number, etc (you specify which fields) can be updated to your system from the driver
  • scan the pro sticker applied to the paperwork to match it up in the system
  • take a picture of the BOL on a pickup and have it sent to your system already indexed to the order – no more indexing BOL documents!
  • if the customer has another pickup while the driver is there, they can enter it and take a picture of its BOL to be sent in to have the order entry finished
  • take a picture of the POD and send it in (also automatically indexed) so the billing process can begin!
  • get a delivery signature to have on file with the order
  • record pickup and delivery exceptions – like the pickup wasn’t ready or the customer refused the shipment
  • record OS&D information
  • information and documents sent in are immediately accessible to you and your customers


Tailored Mobile LTL …

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