New Fuel Management Module

Fuel Entry 962x390Our New Fuel Management system is designed to not only ease your IFTA reporting, but also provide you with MPG statistics to help you make better equipment decisions.

MPG statistics are also critical to your survival. We provide you with a report that allows you to compare your trucks MPG individually, by make, model, year or fleet. See how each compares against the others.

Additionally, you can give IFTA information to an owner operator for their truck, as a service to them.

Use the Fuel Management system to:

  • enter trip sheet miles or odometer readings
  • enter fuel purchases over the road or from your own bulk fuel tanks
  • provide you with bulk tank inventory
  • automatically bring in fuel card interface to save you the time entering over the road purchases
  • bring in bulk fuel tank interface to enter the bulk purchases for you automatically
  • have your IFTA Numbers by fuel type by state for your reporting
  • generate a Truck by State report for any owner operator
  • run MPG and Fuel Cost report to compare your trucks make, model, year or fleet against the others

Cost Savings

  • Quickly produce your IFTA Numbers report for filing, saving you many hours each quarter doing your IFTA reporting.
  • Critical decision making information on how your trucks compare in MPG performance!
  • By using the optional Fuel Card import and/or Bulk Fuel import option, you can save hours of time each month!

If you have any questions, please call us at 630-887-4470 or contact us at  We will be happy to go over how the Fuel Management module can help your business!

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