Release 1.7.3

TLS announced its 1.7.3 Release with over 75 customer requested changes. Many changes to the application were implemented to automate functions in order to speed up processes. Some highlights for the release include:

  • A new multi-column dispatch screen as another way to look at orders to dispatch
  • More ways to tailor the Tailored Mobile driver application to your needs
  • More automation in the billing process to speed up billing with less time
  • The addition of a Show all drivers option to see in ALK Maps
  • The ability to print the Mileage Inquiry entered along with tolls and street level directions as needed
  • A new Exception Report and more options to the Profitability Report for more detailed analysis
  • Another settlement sheet printing option has been added
  • More options for automatically rating customer invoices
  • More accessorial rating options have been added
  • The automation of Intermodal dates in the system

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