Wednesday Webinar: Notifications


Join us for this months Webinar Wednesday to learn more about the Transformation Software to help you each day. No more than an hour long and free to you, just join the call using the link below!

This month’s Webinar will be going over How to setup and use email notifications in TLS. This class will go over all of the different notifications available for use by you or your customer. We will show you how to setup the notification, make slight modifications as needed and how to subscribe to the ones you want. So if you have not started using notifications yet, or you need a refresher, attend tomorrows class to get started using this powerful tool that you already have!

The Webinar will be held Wednesday, January 20th at 11:00 AM CT. The link for the class is below. Remember that we will start promptly at 11:00 so make sure you are logged in a few minutes before.

How to Setup and use Notifications

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